Thursday, May 31, 2007

Once again, no breakthrough in Iran/EU talks

Same old story...Iran and the EU ended a new round of talks in Madrid without a breakthrough.

Iran's chief negotiator Ali Larijani ( `How I fooled the West') and EU appeaser- in-chief foreign policy chief Javier Solana met in Madrid again, and as usual failed to make any significant progress on..well...anything.

The occasion for this particular shindig was the new IAEA report that showed that not only was Iran not obeying the previous UN deadline to end its nuclear enrichment program, but they were accelerating it and bringing more centrifuges on line...and that's just at the sites the IAEA is being allowed to see.

Larijani, who must be tired of repeating the same shtick over and over again once again repeated that Iran won't be suspending its illegal nuclear enrichment program in the least, sanctions or no sanctions.

"We have abandoned the (suspension) issue, why doesn't the media abandon this issue? The suspension issue has become a media game," Larijani said.

The two sat in an exclusive hunting estate outside Madrid for four and a half hours..which makes me believe that they simply came to enjoy a four star luncheon on the EU.

Solana, of course, claims that things are `moving forward' in what he described as a "good positive atmosphere" but was forced to admit that there were no concrete results.

Condi Rice weighed in, saying:

"It is time for Iran to change its tactics. The international community is united on what Iran should do and this is to suspend (enrichment of uranium for nuclear fuel)."

Or what, Madame Secretary? The mullahs don't seem to be taking you or your boss very seriously, so far.

And I'm not as certain as you are that the so-called `international community' is all that united on the subject, Madame Secretary.

Some jobs you just can't hire out.

Iran is weak and vulnerable now, but the longer we allow this travesty to go on, the more costly it will be when the inevitable confrontation occurs between America and this fascist, genocidal jihadist regime.

If President Bush hopes to have even a shred of an historical legacy, he had better not leave this for the next president to deal with.

People are starting to talk.

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