Friday, May 18, 2007

Krauthammer - Prelude to the Six Days

Columnist Charles Krauthammer reminds us of of a little history, as he writes about what was going on inIsrael and the Middle East prior to the 1967 War - and gives us some insight into why Israel might be just a little bit reluctant to trust its security to Arab and international guarantees ala' the Saudi ultimatum in his piece "Prelude to the Six Days"


Anonymous said...

caroline glick's column of yesterday is insightful as well.
best ff not read it......or his head might explode.
i know nothing of israel or it's politics, but she says, what i have thought, since last summer.

Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks for the tip Louie. I pretty much know where Caroline Glick is coming from, and I mostly agree with her, as I think you know.

Israel truly is the Jew among nations,which is how I think G-d intended it, as a test fo rthe world. Read Isaiah sometime.

Meanwhile, check out Weekend Monkey's position on illegal immigration above....

Have a good Weekend