Friday, May 25, 2007

Inspector Clouseau get's slapped around a little..

The IAEA's very own Inspector Clouseau, Mohammed El-Baradei took a mild bitch slapping today as the Western nations complained to the IAEA chief about his silly remarks undercutting the UN resolutions demanding that Iran end its illegal nuclear enrichment.

What El- Baradei said was that, under his insipid watch, Iran has already gone past the point of no return and that the West should push for what he described as a face-saving compromise that would stop Iranian enrichment activity at its current levels before it reaches industrial scale,which would involve Iran producing large stockpiles of fuel convertible into material for nuclear weapons.

Can you get over the gall of this man? First he either totally failed to notice ( or more likely, deliberately ignored) Iran's illegal clandestine nuclear program for over a decade. Next, he was charged with accurately monitoring Iran's compliance in two separate UN Security council resolutions and failed at that too.

So now, he says that, because of his incompetence or willful dereliction of duty, it's all too late and the Security Council should just bend over, grin, tell Iran we were just kidding, shelve those resolutions and trust them to be nice and end things at this stage of the game!

Faced with that kind of arrogance, even the tools at the UN had to say something.

The U.S., British, French and Japanese ambassadors to the IAEA marched into El Baradei's office to remind him that the Security Council policy was law, adopted unanimously, and that they wanted his support."We made our concerns clear about the need for a complete suspension. We felt his published remarks were not helpful at this time," a British diplomat was quoted by al-Reuters as saying. The U.S. State Department said the ambassadors had "raised their concerns" about El-Baradei's statements."

Maybe they should raise some concerns about this weasel continuing in such a sensitive position.

Iran has basically ignored the third deadline given to them by the Security Council to end their enrichment of nuclear fuel. It remains to be seen what ends up coming from this...but I wouldn't count on any decisive action from the UN.

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