Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mubarak: `Hamas will never sign a peace treaty with Israel'

Just after Israel's naive Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni went public saying that the only way to peace in the Israeli Palestinian conflict is a two-state solution she got a dose of reality from Egypt's president Mubarak - Hamas will never sign a peace agreement with Israel.


Mubarak apparently says that Egypt is `at a loss' regarding Gaza's future, which is something very different from what Mubarak and his foreign Minister Suleiman told Condi Rice and Arik Sharon when they were crafting all those security arrangements that were supposed to keep things peaceful after Israel retreated.

The real reason for Mubarak's concern, of course, is Hamas' contacts with its parent organization, the Muslim brotherhood, which is Egypt's Islamist opostion to the Mubarak regime.

Meanwhile, Hamas is increasingly in firm control of Gaza. They've won every engagement they've had in the gang war with Abbas' Fatah minions.

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Anonymous said...

Mubarak's statements may represent a very very faint silver lining in an other wise very very dark cloud. The optimal solution is a relocation of the Palestinians to Jordan and the surrounding countries. This would end the refugee crisis and give these people a decent future. Unfortunately the Arabs would rather use these people as pawns in their insane desire to destroy Israel than give them a chance at a decent life.

The reason this may represent a very fain silver lining is becuae it indicates that Mubarak at least may be finally coming to his senses. A Palestinina state with Hamas in power not only represents a major security threat for Israel but it represents a major security threat for Egypt as well. Not only is Egypt threatened but the all of the so called Sunni states are threatened as well. It is a long shot but it possible that these states amy act in their own survival interests and support Israel in implementing the optimal solution.

To support a two state solution is silly. This state of Palesine would be another terrorist supporting state. To wupport the creation of Palestine either requires one to be an idiot or it requires one to hate Jews more than they like their own lives.