Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John Bolton: Attack Iran before it gets the bomb

John Bolton, ex-US ambassador to the UN talked to the Daily Telegraph today and had a few things to say about Iran.

Bolton warned that the EU had to "get more serious" about Iran and realize that its diplomatic attempts to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program were a failure.

Iran has "clearly mastered the enrichment technology now...they're not stopping, they're making progress and our time is limited", he said.

"It's been conclusively proven Iran is not going to be talked out of its nuclear program. So to stop them from doing it, we have to massively increase the pressure.

"If we can't get enough other countries to come along with us to do that, then we've got to go with regime change by bolstering opposition groups and the like, because that's the circumstance most likely for an Iranian government to decide that it's safer not to pursue nuclear weapons than to continue to do so. And if all else fails, if the choice is between a nuclear-capable Iran and the use of force, then I think we need to look at the use of force."

"If the choice is them continuing [towards a nuclear bomb] or the use of force, I think you're at a Hitler marching into the Rhineland point. If you don't stop it then, the future is in his hands, not in your hands, just as the future decisions on their nuclear program would be in Iran's hands, not ours."

Just to add a little something to the mix,just yesterday a surprise inspection by the IAEA at Natanz ( one of the few facilities the IAEA has access to) discovered that the Iranians were much farther along in their nuclear program than was previously thought.

They found that Iran was operating 1,312 centrifuges, which is about half way there to the amount needed to produce enough weapons grade uranium for a nuclear bomb.

According to all those `experts' this was supposed to take at least another two years before the mullahs mastered enrichment technology - and then another two years to be able to produce enough material for a bomb.

Remember...this is just what Iran is allowing the IAEA to see.

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