Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend Monkey Sez: `Great thoughts come from the most unlikely places..'

Vote Monkey in ` primate left behind


Anonymous said...

Is this true? A monkey is running for president, huh?

I think blogs that put out lies like this and make fun of our political situations are truly insulting, but it's what I'd expect from a warmonger neocon site like this.

I could see this "monkey" running as a rethug, maybe. He'd be better than BushCo, that's for sure. But we'll fix that in 2008.

A Proud Democrat

Anonymous said...

Go bite the rotten banana, moron.

Come up to one of my campaign rallies and talk that crap and I'll have a coupla my security boys hit you with big sticks until you pee blood, you species-ist jerk off.

Freedom Fighter said...

MONKEY!! That's not what I'd call `presidential'..don't threaten the commenters on this site,
please, however obnoxious they might be - Biebersnatch needs have a long talk with you on this topic.

Read and learn...

Hello Proud Democrat, thanks for weighing in.

I hear you can buy a sense of humor at Walmart on sale for $19.95, with a $5 `tolerance' option available on request.

Jump on it.