Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bye Bye Olmert and Peretz- and good riddance

Let's just say it's been an `interesting experience' and leave it at that...and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Immediate resignation - Haaretz

Throw them out - Yossi Sarid

A failed leadership | Jerusalem Post

swissinfo - Deputy PM Livni calls for Olmert to resign ( talk about the rats turning on one another!!)

Peretz to quit over Lebanon war: News24

Poll: Israelis want Olmert out - Ynetnews


Anonymous said...

#1 i don't have the resources that ff has.
#2 i don't have the sources that ff has.
#3 i don't have the insight that ff has.
i do have my opinion.
this has nothing to do with security and/or the well being of the state of israel. this is all about staying in power.
nothing more.
israel be damned.
in a parliamentary form of gov't, the only way to rid yourselves of a leader like this is to hold elections. this has not happened.
holding elections means some MK won't be back. they don't want that. so israel took a black eye in lebanon. so what?
this is not about the security of a nation. this is about staying in office. if they have another war. lose a couple thousand soldiers. tel aviv burns to the ground.
so what.
big deal.
this is about staying in power. nothing more. you want to see the israeli political middle. look at olmert's wife.
that's the middle.
elections won't be held until they are required.
two reasons.
#1 because the members don't want to be put out of office.
#2 because the MK does not want to be held accountable for the formation of a new gov't.
if and when elections are held, olmert will be right back in office as the PM. he is the only one who can form a coalition gov't.
that is what the members of parliament don't want the citizens of israel to see and/or find out.
and nobody wants bibi.
in my uninformed naive opinion, what israel needs is a lot less sheep, and a lot more sheepdogs as MK.
but that is just my opinion.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
I actually agree with most of your comments..although I don't agree that Olmert's wife is `middle of the spectrum'. If that were true, Israel would no longer exist.

What's going on is that the country hates Olmert and Kadima, but are stymied because, as you stated, new elections would sweep a lot of leftish politicos out of power.