Tuesday, May 22, 2007

France: Legalize illegal immigrants? Mais non!

New French Minister of Immigration Brice Hortefeux

In contrast to the ridiculous posturing and amnesty legislation here, France has some firm ideas on how to deal with immigration - perhaps because they've been down the road already of creating an underclass that's unable or unwilling to be assimilated an dseen the horrendous results.

In one of the first items on the agenda for the new Sarkozy administration, France has said no to mass legalization of illegal aliens.

"We have to put aside massive legalization. It doesn't work and it penalizes, even immigrants," Sarkozy's new Minister of Immigration Brice Hortefeux said on Europe 1 radio.

Policy, he said, would be guided by "firmness and humanism" with "lots of pragmatism."

He also said that he was going to stick to a policy of deporting illegal immigrants from France. The number of deportees is expected to hit at least 25,000 this year, and Hortefeux said he would ensure that figure is reached.

Hortefeux said he's not planning on changing France's version of family reunification, which they call "family grouping," so legal immigrants in France can bring their families there.

But both Hortefeux and Sarkozy want changes to the policy to ensure that those who join other family members in France can be integrated into mainstream French society.

"It must be carried out in respect for the dignity of those who want to come and (in a way) that favors their integration," Hortefeux said.

Sarkozy had said he wants to ensure that those participate in the `family groupings' program in France can speak French and that family members receiving them can support the newcomers.

The French with a common sense immigration policy??? Il y a un nouveau vent de changement soufflant de la France!

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