Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bush removes provision requiring back taxes from illegal immigrants

President George Bush has something for all you law abiding citizens who pay your taxes - a huge Bronx cheer and a mocking cry of `sucker'!

The President has already made a change in the Senate bill on illegal immigration....removing a provision in the bill requiring back taxes and penalties from illegal aliens.

This change in the bipartisan Senate immigration bill enables 12 million undocumented aliens to avoid paying back taxes or associated fines to the IRS, something that was in the initial version of the bill.

An independent analyst estimated the decision could cost the IRS tens of billions of dollars.

What's more, they apparently tried to mislead about it in the initial press conference on the bill, when Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, speaking in reference to illegal immigrants seeking legal status, made a totally misleading statement to the assembled press and said, "You've got to pay your taxes."

It was only later, after White House spokesmouth Scott Stanzell was asked to clarify what Chertoff meant that it came out that Chertoff only referred to future taxes.

The rationale from the White House in getting the provision removed was that it would be `too difficult' to figure out which illegal immigrants owed back taxes!

This is,frankly, one of the most blatant lies imaginable, since the IRS has been aiding and abetting tax cheating by illegal aliens for years by accepting Employer Identification Numbers (EIN's) as a cover for bogus Social Security numbers for years, costing the US millions of dollars in bogus Earned Income Credit filings and inflated refunds. All the tax preparers have been doing is attaching a letter to the files stating that such-and-such an EIN number is connected to such-and-such a Social Security number...a tacit admission that the Social Security number involved is bogus.

For those of you who are reading between the lines, yes, that means that the IRS, and thus the federal government have always had a pretty good idea where to find many of these people.

Amnesty, indeed.

Call your representatives and scream bloody murder. And call the Republican and Democratic National Committees and tell them that you're not voting for a single incumbent that supports this...and that they can get their donations from donors who are doing political contributions Americans aren't doing.

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