Monday, May 14, 2007

Gaza explodes as Hamas bids for control, seizes US weapons

The Beast continues to eat itself in Gaza, as fighting has broken out between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza...with Fatah and it's primary gang leader Mohammed Dahlan mostly on the losing end.

The fun started with tit-for-tat gangland style hits that were kicked off by the Hamas hit on a UN school and lead to six people being killed and 52 wounded in street battles over the weekend.

After that, Pal unity government Interior Minister Hani Qawasmi resigned, saying he had no real power. “From the beginning, I faced obstacles that robbed the ministry of its powers and made my position empty without authority,” he said.

Hamas also has a certain amount of Islamist street cred to regain, since the unity government deal brokered by the Saudis was seen by al-Qaeda and Hamas' parent organization the Muslim Brotherhood as a knuckling under to Western and Saudi pressure, as Shayk Zawahiri said in his recent video.

A high point of the festivities was the hijacking by Hamas of a large convoy bearing US weapons and ammo for Mahmoud Abbas' Force 17 thugs.

The Fatah convoy of three trucks was stopped by Hamas at a checkpoint at Dabit in Northern Gaza. Hamas abducted 18 Fatah gunmen and seized the stockpiles of American weapons that were in the vans.

Way back at the beginning of the year when the Bush Administration and Condi Rice were trying to shove through money and arms for the Fatah terrorists through Congress as opposed to the Hamas ones, Hamas said confidently that the US money and arms would eventually come to them and be used against Israelis.

They were right.

Not that it makes much difference, since Abbas' Force 17 is riddled with terrorists belonging to the al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigade and has been thoroughly infiltrated by Hamas, as their spokesmen told us a long time ago.

Those weapons will all be used to kill Jews in Israel, and I hold President Bush and Condaleeza Rice personally responsible for that particular blood on their hands.


Anonymous said...

Your last sentence is so true. I could not have said this one better myself. Many thanks for expressing my thoughts so eloquently.

Anonymous said...

I hold the Israeli government responsible for not raising a louder protest than they did. Israei has a very capable defense industry and they have allot of friends in the US. There is no reason for them to put with this kind of stuff from the Bush Administration. By being more forceful in their own defense, the Israelis would strengthen the hands of their supporters. With that said it is up to Israelis to decide how they wish to defend their countries. This is not our decision. Btw, the Israeli government could begin by filing formal charges of murder against Condi Rice and GW Bush. This would be an excellent starting point.