Friday, May 25, 2007

Islam Documentary PBS tried to suppress will air - sort of.

Joshua's Army members will remember how I wrote about how PBS silences moderate one instance, by suppressing a documentary called `Islam versus Islamists' by Frank Gaffney, Alex Alexiev and award winning documentary filmmaker Martyn Burke on political grounds.

`Islam versus Islamists' deals with the violence directed at moderate Muslims by radical Muslims and details how a "parallel" Islamist fifth column is developing within the U.S. borders. It was supposed to air as a regular part of PBS' `Crossroads' series.

Instead, PBS shelved it, claiming that it the documentary "demonized Islam" and promoted fear of Islamist organizations like our friends at CAIR.

The reality was that it didn't fit with PBS' Leftist agenda and they flushed the film, along with the $675,000 it cost the taxpayers.

After Burke and Gaffney gave several screenings to legislators and turned the heat up, PBS has agreed to a compromise...they will make `Islam versus Islamists', available to those PBS stations that want to air it as a `special item'...once they produce a discussion segment to go along with it.

What this means, of course, is that the 354 Public Broadcasting Service member station can choose or not choose to put `Islam versus Islamists' on the air.

Given the mindset of most PBS stations, that means that the film will likely not be aired on most PBS outlets - and for those that do, the accompanying `discussion' segment will probably be designed to malign and refute the film's premise with little or no response from anyone who disagrees with the politically correct stance of PBS.

However, I have a distinct feeling that `Islam versus Islamists' is going to have a life of its own outside the confines of PBS.

The truth will out, eventually, no matter how hard th efforts at suppressing it.

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