Thursday, May 03, 2007

An Australian version of `green power' - beer!!

Our friends in Oz have a unique solution to green energy and global!

Apparently, scientists ( `boffins' in strinespeak) at the University of Queensland have have teamed up with Fosters and developed technology that uses brewery waste to power up batteries.

The scientists yesterday unveiled an experimental microbial fuel cell at Foster's Yatala brewery near Brisbane. The technology involved feeds alcohol, starch, and sugar to bacteria which produces chemical energy which is converted into electrical output. The cell also produces clean water and renewable CO2(carbon dioxide).

According to Professor Jurg Keller of the university's Advanced Wastewater Management Center "Brewery waste water is a particularly good source because it is very biodegradable...and is highly concentrated, which does help in improving the performance of the cell."

The small-scale prototype has been operational for three months, and the full scale gallon model is scheduled to go online in September.

The full size brewery cell would produce two kilowatts of power - enough to power a household - and the technology would eventually be applied in other breweries and wineries owned by Foster's.

Keller added: "It's not going to make an enormous amount of power - it's primarily a waste water treatment that has the added benefit of creating electricity."

Remember this bit of info the next time some killjoy criticizes your're just helping to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet and keep!

Sacrificing yourself for Mother Earth, as it were.

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