Monday, May 14, 2007

Iran expells 85,000 Afghan refugees in 3 weeks

President Ahmadinejad and Iran have used the so-called plight of the Palestinian `refugees' as a club to beat it's instructive to see how Iran treats refugees itself.

Iran has expelled 85,000 Afghans in three weeks from its borders, putting a severe strain on the Kabaul government of President Kharzai.

They are mostly Shiite Hazara or Sunni Persian-speaking Tajiks, who fled the conflict at home and have lived in Iran with their tribal brethren.

Afghanistan publicly asked Iran not to expel the refugees, saying that its own capacity to house them is very limited and this would "create problems"....but the Iranian government wants them gone,and plans to kick out over 1 million people by next March.

I suppose the idea is to make the job of NATO and the US more difficult.

Needless to say, this bit of hypocrisy and inhumanity by the Islamic republic is not being reported by the dinosaur media here.

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