Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Watcher's Council Nominations, 05/16/07

Every week, the Watcher's Council members nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week's Council nominations can be found at the site of our fearless leader, Watcher of Weasels

OK, here's this week's Council lineup:

1. J O S H U A P U N D I T: Cheney's chess moves in the Middle East This week, I once again focus on an important story that should have gotten much more notice than it did...Vice President Cheney's trip to the Middle East to assess Iraq, and his largely futile attempt to try and shore up our `allies' among the Sunni autocrats against Iran.

I reveal the Bush Administration's attempt to bribe the Saudis with a vastly increased and improved air force, with the idea of them containing Iran,despite the fact that those jets could be used against a very different target than Iran, or perhaps even used against the West in conjunction with Iran.

Lastly, I predicted a face saving diplomatic `break through' with Iran that will trade Iran's cooperation with a US withdrawal from Iraq for a conditional agreement to allows Iran to go forward with its enrichment of uranium.

With the recent announcement of direct US-Iran talks, it appears that I was right on the money, and this sorry scenario may become reality.

2. Done With Mirrors: You asked for it Callimachus writes about the Left's belated discovery of the UN Oil for Food scandal...when it suits their political agenda.

I find this to be SOP, as with these people, it's almost always about the agenda...never the principles involved. Fortunately, these people are still a relatively small(though very vocal) minority.

3. Soccer Dad: Talk isn't cheap the WAPO's David Ignatius is actually a highly valuable signpost in general and especially in terms of the Middle East. Simply take his views and go 180 degrees in the opposite direction to arrive at a realistic, factual point of view!

As Soccer Dad points out in a well done piece, Ignatius' horse manure on a `thaw' between America and Iran is a fine example of how this works. I swear, sometimes I think that they'll let absolutely anybody write for the dinosaur media!

4. The Glittering Eye:Gone across Peterson This week, The Glittering Eye's Dave Schuler writes movingly on the loss of a dear friend and companion.

5. Right Wing Nut House : END OF AN ERA? FALWELL PASSES This week, Rick looks at the legacy of the late Jerry Falwell.

6. Rhymes With Right - It Breaks My Heart To Say This Greg writes this week reluctantly disagreeing with the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, which calls for reparations to residents of Guam from the US government for losses sustained during WWII.

I must compliment Greg on this one, simply because it's a difficult thing to stick to a principle when your heart strings are tugging in the other direction...

7. The Colossus of Rhodey: What did I tell 'ya? Hube writes about the hypocrisy of seperatist groups like MeCha and the Nation of Islam getting a pass from more mainstream groups,especially in academia.

8. Gaffes, and why they're interesting: Bookworm Room Ms. Bookworm has an interesting and readable take on everybody's favorite in this era of gotcha,tabloid media - the gaffe.

She draws important distinctions between spoonerisms and verbal `typos', gaffes that occur because of factual misstatements and gaffes that occur because somebody inadvertently revealed what was really on their mind, and then tries to spin it into an acceptable statement.

9. Eternity Road:Heroes, Memories And Harbingers This week, Francis looks at the ravages of age and time and how they effect one's ability to perform,using singer Gordon Lightfoot's deteriorated voice as an example.

Some artists get better with age,some don't. And some substitute an enhanced ability to express emotion and utilize phrasing as a substitute for the suppleness of youth.

10. Cheat Seeking Missiles: Positive Thinking Vs. The Greenies Laer takes another shot across the bow of the Church of Global Warming; this time he focusing on finding positive answers for environmental problems rather than giving way to gloom, doom and prohibitions.

11. Big Lizards: “We Found the "Moslem Methodists!"” Dafydd Ab Hugh looks at the moderate Indonesian Muslim organization Nahdatul Ulama (NU), and sees them as a major asset to be used again st radical Islam.

I'm familiar with NU and agree with Dafydd that they are a substantial moderate Muslim organization, and one we should encourage.

I'd also point out that NU's position is a minority one in Islam, largely because of the billions the Saudis spend to establish hardline wahabist mosques all over the world and radicalize loxcal Muslims, including in this country.

In Indonesia, for instance,according to a recent and reputable poll 73% of the population believes that the US is in a war to weaken and divideIslam, and 20% of the population agrees that attacks against civilians are justified.

Until we deal with the promulgation of jihad propaganda here at home and abroad, organizations like NU will make little headway, I fear.

12. The Education Wonks: Unprofessional Conduct EdWonk examines the effects of a `terrorism test' gone wrong, wrong, wrong!

That's this week's lineup..enjoy


Soccer Dad said...

You scared me with:
...the WAPO's David Ignatius is actually a highly valuable signpost in general and especially in terms of the Middle East.
I should have realized that it was just a setup!Simply take his views and go 180 degrees in the opposite direction to arrive at a realistic, factual point of view!
Actually, once upon a time David Ignatius was a bit more serious (or it was possible to take him seriously). Then he moved to the WaPo. Go figure.
And thanks for "well done!"

Freedom Fighter said...

Got ya!

Seriously, good job..hacks like Ignatius are the gift that keeps on giving, it seems...