Thursday, May 24, 2007

Major US buildup in the Persian Gulf

Less than two weeks after US Vice President Dick Cheney toured the region, the US has suddenly bolstered its forces already in the area with 9 new ships. They sailed through the Strait of Hormuz - according to the US Navy, for training exercises. The total force carries around 17,000 combat and marine personnel. It includes the two aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Stennis, as well as the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 6 Group, the world’s biggest amphibious strike force.

It's also worth noting that the force sailed into the Gulf on the date that yet another UN deadline to Iran to end its illegal nuclear enrichment expired.

I see this as a sign that President Bush wants to let the mullahs know that the US may not be satisfied with more ineffectual UN sanctions and that the military option is alive and well.

As a matter of fact the forces involved are ideal for the type of campaign that I and a few active duty and ex-military members of Joshua's Army envisioned as being most effective and least costly to the US in dealing with these cockroaches.

The beefed up US presence also stiffens the US stance for the coming US-Iran talks Monday, May 28th, in Baghdad. It is a way of illustrating to Iran and Syria is that if the Baghdad talks fail, and they continue arming Iraq’s insurgents and al Qaeda, there could be what the diplomats refer to as `serious consequences.'

There is major chatter from some of my sources that if Iran continues refusing to give up its quest for nuclear weapons, President Bush is planning to strike at Iran's nuclear, military and economic infrastructure before he leaves the White House. And a number of people think that the ballon could go up by late summer of this year.

If President Bush removes the threat of a nuclear Iran from the table and marginalizes this fascist regime, he will have struck a major blow in the War Against Jihad and changed the whole complexion of the conflict.

Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

a guy by the name of norman poedoehtz(sp), he wrote some book called WWIV, was on IBA news last night saying essentially what ff states here.
imo, ff is having a pipe dream, as he gives the saudi lap dog waaaaay to much credit.
the media and angry left will not let this happen.
i also think if the marines were to move lejune to kuwait the iranians could care less.

Freedom Fighter said...

( I believe it's `Podhoretz')

You may be right, Louie. But even at his most servile, I can't imagine President Bush leaving office with an
Iranian nuclear threat intact.

I have a wait and see attitude but am prepared to pleasantly surprised.

As far as the media and angry Left go...polls reveal that most of the American people favor stomping the mullahs. I think if Bush did so , it would go a long way towards redeeming his presidency.

enjoy that long weekend!