Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Sarkozy

The people of France appear to have endorsed a major change in direction by electing conservative, pro-American candidate Nicholas Sarkozy as president over Socialist Segolene Royal, in spite of her last minute attempt to frighten the electorate with threats of violence from France's Muslims.

Reuters, theBBC and Bloomberg have all called the election for Sarkozy.

Sarkozy took between 53 percent and 53.2 percent of the vote against between 46.8 percent and 47 percent for Royal, according to exit polls by Ipsos SA, Ifop, CSA, and TNS-Sofres.

Royal has already conceded defeat.

Sarkozy will now name a new government and immediately launch into campaigning for June's parliamentary election, with the goal of seeking a clear majority to implement his plans for change.

And I must say, one of those changes I'm particularly looking forward to is a change in France's approach toward America, and vice versa. Old allies need to come together in times of mutual danger.

Félicitations au peuple de la France sur voter pour un nouveau et si tout va bien mieux un changement de la direction. souhaits spéciaux de.....and bons aux membres de l'armée de Joshua en la France !


Anonymous said...

Jacques Chirac was a conservative too, and yet France hasn't changed much since its socialist Mitterand days. I'm glad Sakorzy won, but I wouldn't get too hopeful.

Anonymous said...

does this mean mademoiselle royal will be moving to canada?
all this means is madame hillary won't be using the "violence will be breaking out" meme.
this is after all america. and violence breaks out all the time, unchecked.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar...I wouldn't call Chirac a `conservative', based on our frame of reference here. The term means something different in the European vernacular, and Chirac's politics were more along the lines of Ted Kennedy's.

This particular `conservative' instituted a 35 hour workweek, prohibitive regulations and taxes on business and pumped up France's socialist welfare apparatus to heights undreamed of even by the most doctrinaire socialists in Washington.

It's how you get double digit unemployment, a declining economic base, mass social unrest and emigration by anyone with a desire for some kind of economic determinism. As Mark Steyn relates, London is now the seventh largest `French' city in the world.

And I won't even mention his despicable foreign policy and alignment of France with our enemies...and ultimately, France's.

Hi Louie,
Given how much Mme. Royal hates America, I doubt that she'll be coming here...or that I'd want her polluting our soil.

Take care, you two!


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