Monday, May 07, 2007

Muslims terrorists fire on UN school in Gaza

Another mob style shoot out coupled with Muslim fanaticism led to kids being fired on at sports day at UN school in Gaza.

Even the Mafia at it's worst was willing to make kids off-limits for the most part.

Apparently, Islamist thugs decided that a `sports day' at the UN school in Gaza was a good occasion for `teaching Islamic values'. They visited the al-Amareya primary school in Rafah earlier in the day, warning authorities not to hold the event and warned against letting boys and girls participate in the sports day. They claimed it `taught children immoral values.'

Apparently, gang-style hits and putting children at risk constitute good Islamic values.

The real reason for this was two fold. First it was a hit on Fatah- affiliated ganagsters at the schools. One of them, a bodyguard of Majid Abu Shameleh, a senior warlord in President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement was killed just after Shamelah had left the school, and several of Shamelah's people were wounded.

Second,it was a message to UN functionary and UNRWA chief John Ging as to who rules the streets in Gaza. He was inside the school when the shooting occurred and was forced to take cover inside the building.

Ging, you'll remember, was targeted about six weeks ago in what was described as a `kidnapping attempt' when his armed convoy - clearly marked as UN - was ambushed and fired on in Gaza.

On that occasion, his armored car was hit with fourteen bullets, Ging narrowly escaped and was naive enough to call on the Palestinian Authority to track down the perpetrators. As if the PA has any authority to do that these days, or any interest in doing so!

`Palestine' is a dysfunctional state, ruled by thugs and murderers that only survives because of the largesse of the UN and the handouts from Arab despots who care nothing about the human beings involved but merely want to use them as cannon fodder against the hated Jews.

It's high time this travesty was ended, and the Arab world takes the responsibility for the refugee problem it caused by declaring jihad on Israel in 1948.UNRWA needs to be disbanded and the people of `Palestine' need to be resettled within the 23 Arab countries that already exist to have any chance at a normal, decent life.

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