Thursday, May 17, 2007

Palestinians score direct hit on Sderot synagogue, school classroom

While the dinosaur media wrings it's hands over the self-inflicted Palestinian carnage in Gaza, they appear to care less about the terrorist rocket bombings inflicted on the Israeli town of Sderot.

They apparently could care less, unless the IDF retaliates. Then, of course, it's front page news, with the usual suspects blathering about the `cycle of violence.'

Last night the Palestinians scored a direct hit on Sderot's Ohalei Sinai synagogue ,just minutes after most of the congregation had left after celebrating the bringing of a Torah scroll into the synagogue. Minutes before, there had been over 300 people in the building. As it was, the handful of people left in the building tiding up after the celebration were treated for shock and moderate injuries.

Can you imagine the headlines if the IDF targeted a mosque?

The Palestinians also hit a classroom in a high school on the edge of the town this morning. The ceiling was blown open to the sky, and the room was covered with broken glass and debris. The eighth graders should have been in a geography class there at the time, according to their schedule,but luckily, because of the rockets, they werein a safer classroom on a lower floor.

“I heard the rocket alert, saw kids running toward the protected rooms, and then I heard the boom,” said Ilanit Asayag, 36, who works in the library nearby.

The attacks were likely a mocking gesture towards Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, who left shortly before the missile attacks after visiting Sderot and pledging to help the town and stop the terrorist attacks. Olmert toured the town in the company of Yonatan Abukasis, whose 16 year-old daughter Ela was killed by a Kassam missile two years ago when she shielded her younger brother with her own body.

The residents, needless to say are not exactly fans of the Olmert goverment these days. And they are wondering out loud - as they have been for months - what their government plans on doing about this intolerable situation.

Even the normally clueless Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni made a point of calling the situation “unbearable,” saying that “Israel left (Gaza) in order to “give the Palestinians the possibility to create a normal life and not to attack Israel.”

The PA government is responsible for the incessant attacks, she added. “The fact that terrorist organizations who actually make up part of the government….are involved in this shooting is a situation that, from Israel’s standpoint, is intolerable.”

"We are making it clear to the international community that until now, Israel has shown restraint…We must understand that no one has a magic solution. We will have to act."

UPDATE: The IDF made a small movement into the Gaza Strip late today and took up positions in the Gaza Strip west of Sderot, as well as at the ruins of former Israeli communities of Nisanit and Elei Sina. Apparently, the idea is to deter the Qassam crews from having too close a shot at Sderot.

The IDF also carried out a number of pinpoint strikes, targeting a Hamas compound in Gaza City and a car carrying two jihadis, one of whom was Imad Shbana, a senior member of Hamas. Rest assured that the IDF retaliation against the Paletinians was covered by the dinosaur media in great depth - as compared to the Sderot synagogue and high school bombing, which were only covered in the Israeli press.

This is more in the nature of a warning to the Palestinians rather than the precursor to a major Israeli offensive...and of course,it will have the same effect as all of the others.

The Israelis are going to have to come to a decision to either deal with this themselves, once and for all or to get being the victims of genocide by inches.

Jabotinsky was right.


Anonymous said...

"Can you imagine the headlines if Israel targeted a mosque?" Yes I can. The criticism of Israel would be venemous. I bet we would also get to hear President Bush explain how Israel's actions are "not helpful." I bet we would also be treated to politicians from all over the world running to podiums all over the world to criticize Israel.

I have a suggestion for Israel. Simply ignore the criticism and act in your own best interests. Of course ultimately what Isreal decides to do is not for an American to decide. The Israelis will need to make their own decisions. This is just my two cents.

shamalama said...

Qassam rockets are fired into Israel from Gaza by Palestinian militants on almost a daily basis. If 89 rockets fell on your town in one month alone, and if around 300 rockets fell in your town since 2005, and if most of these rockets hit civilian population centers like schools, what would you expect your government to do? What would you expect your media to say?

And yet the world's media cares only about not "offending" soul-less terrorists.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all,
Keep in mind that part of the dynamic that's going on is that the Bush Administration is using its leverage to restrain the Israelis from eliminating this ongoing threat to their country, because the Bush Administration is unwilling to risk offending its Arab pals in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, or for that matter, in Iraq..where the Maliki government enthusiastically supports an anti-Israel boycott that's illegal under US law, just like the rest of our Arab `friends' do.